Cool Smart Roof : Overview

Benefits and how it can work for your business.

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Cool Smart Roof ™ - Overview


WHAT: Cool Smart Roof  reduces the heat load off a building roof surface and therefore reduces internal temperatures. 

HOW: Cool Smart Roof  applies the proven principle of evaporation which is an effective and highly efficient method of cooling 

Cool Smart Roof  constantly monitors and… 

  1. automatically senses multiple temperature zones of the roof. 
  2. automatically determines optimal time and which roof zone to cool. 
  3. automatically delivers a measured quantity of water droplets to the target zone(s) to optimize evaporative/cooling effect.
  4. automatically ceases water application to roof zone(s) once optimal temperature is achieved. 

The Cool Smart Roof  system is totally and independently managed and controlled via Mobile App (IOS or Android). 

The mobile app provides: 

total control and customization to suit all conditions and building environments.

real-time and visual historical reporting (incl zone temperatures, water management and system status).

Two selectable modes:  

  1. Automatic “set and forget” – determines optimal operation during your specific business operating hours.
  2. Manual for customized control from any location. 

Distributed computers measure and monitor sensors to minimize water usage and maximize cooling effect. Cool Smart Roof  is always working in the background, even when your Mobile App or phone is not active.

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Reduces internal room temperatures up to 10 deg Celsius. 

Can be installed on almost any roof

Portable - can take with you if you leave premises

Mobile apps support Android and Apple devices.

Allows existing solutions to operative more efficiently and effectively e.g. Large Fans or Evaporative Cooling 


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