Cool Smart Roof ™


Large production site installation, covering over 5000m2. Working in conjuction with existing evaporative coolers to provide a more comfortable environment for workers and reducing risk of OH&S issues.

Cool Smart Roof ™


"We installed the Cool Smart Roof System in our fitness studio after experiencing inside temperatures well in excess of those observed outside. 

The system was installed quickly and professionally in close consultation with Mario and his team. 

Since installation we have regularly observed temperature drops between 5-10 degrees inside the studio when compared to outside temperatures. 

When combined with fans and Mario's expert advice the system has proven to be effective in keeping our clients comfortable during their workouts at a significant cost reduction to traditional A/C." - Ben (F45 owner & operator)

Cool Smart Roof ™



“my workers productivity would drastically reduce during

warm and hot days. Expensive air conditioning didn’t make sense as we have an open workshop”

“…Cool Smart Roof provided a cost effective way in reducing the workshop from feeling like a hot-box. Its certainly helped with productivity”

“we love the control and information that the mobile app provides” - Raz (owner & operator)

Cool Smart Roof ™


  “it gets hot in the gym, we have large fans but it was simply pushing very hot air from the roof down and around the floor area”

“…Cool Smart Roof dropped the air temp in ceiling from 65+ deg to 30 deg and the response from my customers has been overwhelmingly positive.”

“..the app gives me full real-time control and information on how much water is being used, roof temperatures and performance of the system. With ability for me to turn-on and off from my phone.” - Sav (Foxfitness owner & operator)